How It Works

Any VCU student with a VCU ID can access the pantry. Only one visit allotted per week. If you or someone you know is in need of emergency food, please visit or contact

Students can also seek help at one of the following organizations: the Well, Student Health, and University Counseling Services .

What to Expect When We are Open

  1. Clients come to the pantry with a valid VCU ID, no more than once per week on Wednesdsays or Thursdays from 11-5pm.
  2. After filling out a confidential survey and determined eligible, pantry users can take up to five items.
  3. Canned food is almost always available. When in stock, users can take Panera bread, fresh organic produce from Shalom Farm and Relay Foods, C.F. Sauer's spices, Soapbox soaps, and VCU School of Dentistry dental supplies in addition to five items.
  4. Clients on the MCV campus should email, and a volunteer or staff members will be in contact with you for food pickup.

What to Expect When We are Closed

While clients are encouraged to come to RamPantry on the Monroe Park Campus during our hours of operation, clients who absolutely cannot come during open hours may arrange for a separate visit during closed hours by contacting A volunteer or staff member will be in contact with you for food pickup. This applies to clients on both MCV and the Monroe Park Campus.

Available Food Items

Panera bread, fresh produce from Shalom Farms and VCU Learning Gardens, dental supplies from VCU’s School of Dentistry, soap from Soapbox Soaps, C. F. Sauer's spices, and hygiene products from our partner student organization RamPantry+ are provided when in stock.

Halal, Kosher, and vegetarian food may also be available options, depending on supply.

General food items include canned meats/proteins, canned vegetables, canned fruits, canned stews and soups, grains, boxed pasta, sauces, and cereal.